Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Car

April is National Car Care Month! When the weather starts to get warm, the way we care for our cars is different than how we did during the colder weather. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry! We’re here to help you in transition to a new season. Here are six easy tips to help you care for your vehicle during the spring time!

Wash and Wax

Getting a really good wash and wax done to your car is the first and most imperative task to complete once the weather changes. Driving in the winter can cause a lot of road grime, debris and even salt to form onto your car. Once winter is over, you want to make sure you have gotten rid of it all. The paint and finish can even get ruined if you let debris and grime to build on your car. Salt build up can result in rust and other severe complications for your car.

Check Your Wiper Blades

Inspect your wiper blades for any cracking or wear and tear. The wipers can wear out a lot over the winter due to ice buildup or other cold temperature related issues on your windshield. You’ll need those wipers for rainy days in the spring, so make sure they’re working fine now that winter is over.

Check Alignment and Suspension

Winter is infamous for being tough on the roads, causing your vehicle going through some harsh circumstances. If you drive often on roads with huge potholes or rocks, it could affect your car’s alignment or even damage suspension components. If you can relate to this, you’re lucky because this month we are offering $49.95 4-Wheel Alignments! During your visit, we will also give a complimentary brake inspection and diagnostic scan. Schedule your appointment now: https://www.graydanielsnissanofjackson.com/specials/service.htm?p=57

Check Under the Hood

Do a thorough inspection under your hood to make sure the engine of your car lasted through the winter without any issues. Cold temperatures can affect belts and hoses, so check them to be sure they didn’t get stiff or get worn out. An important factor to prevent your car from overheating as it gets warmer is to check your coolant and make sure that it’s not too old. If you aren’t comfortable doing this by yourself, come to Gray-Daniels Nissan Jackson! Each one of our Nissan certified technicians have been specially trained to our own high standards.


Check Your Tire Pressures

Being aware of the pressure in your tires is very essential during the spring because of the adjustment in air pressure. Colder weather decreases the pressure in your tires. This is most likely why you had to fill up your tires at the beginning of winter. Tire air pressure increases as the outside temperature goes up. If the pressure increases past your manufacturer specification, it can interrupt your car’s ability to drive and affect the fuel economy. Checking your tire pressures is a very vital part of car care, so if you don’t feel comfortable checking your car’s tire pressure on your own, bring your car to Gray-Daniels Nissan Jackson. We would be more than happy to assist you!

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Clean the Inside

It’s difficult to make the time and effort to clean out your car when it’s cold outside, so now that spring is here, it’s the perfect time to clean that interior. Make some time one day do some spring cleaning. Remove and throw away all the paper, trash and random items that has collected over the weeks and months. Not only will you have a clean and more space in your car, but your spring cleaning can be done under better weather temperatures, especially necessary if you have to vacuum your carpets and seats.

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