Nissan Determined to Sell 1 Million EV’s by 2022


Starting since mid-2017, Nissan has unveiled its plan to M.O.V.E. to 2022, an initiative to achieve sustainable growth and increase their revenue in the following years. How do they propose to tackle such a feat? Largely in part with the electrification of their fleet and an introduction of entirely new electric vehicle options.

Nissan’s ambitious move comes with the increasing adoptability of battery-electric cars and hybrids in the US market. Nissan expects these vehicles’ market share to increase to nearly 30 percent by 2025. Out of the eight new electrified vehicle models to be introduced in the following years, the all new IMx crossover concept is one of the most exciting models to look forward to. With projected numbers of 429hp and 515tq produced from two electric motors, it’s no wonder this is one of the prime electric vehicles to look forward to. Up until now, Nissan has fully focused on the Nissan Leaf, their most successful production model in recent history. Given the trend towards larger vehicles however, an electric SUV makes sense. Nissan isn’t the only one to see the potential in this growing segment. Automakers such as Jaguar, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz are also working on their own electric SUVs to release to the market to compete in the space as well.

Nissan’s initiatives extend to INFINITI as well, with hybrid and all-electric vehicles being introduced as early as 2021. In correspondence with Nissan’s EV sales goal by 2025, INFINITI is expected to sell its own electric vehicles to the tune of 50% of their global sales.

Nissan’s core competency in this field lies in their powertrain. With a powertrain layout of a primary electric engine and a gas powered engine solely used as a generator, this innovative approach sets them apart from other automakers that focus on internal combustion engines in hybrids as the primary source of propulsion. With the latest acquisition of Mitsubishi, we can only expect this to bolster the strength of Nissan’s hybrid and electric vehicle initiatives.

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