Nissan Helps Wildfire Relief


California has struggled in the last decade with the rise of wildfires in the forests of the west, with wildfires increasing in intensity and duration year after year. Dry winters and heavy brush cause the fuel that helps engulf the forest in flames, and rescue services work diligently to subdue the wildfires at all cost. Regardless of the attentiveness and the help California’s response team delivers, wildfires still have lasting effects on the residents of California.

In an effort to help rebuild the community and do their part for the greater good, Nissan has announced offering free cabin air filter replacements to its customers in California who were affected by the recent wildfires. Cabin air filters are one of the most vital pieces of safety equipment, living inside the cabin interior and acting as the first wave of defense against harmful fumes, smoke, pollen, and all other air impurities that would otherwise infiltrate the interior. After season long fires and polluted smoke that tortured California residents, the wildfires are now getting back into control, and as people being to pick up the pieces of their lives and recollect their belongings Nissan aims to protect them in the space they’ll be finding themselves the most in other than their home, their vehicle. All local Nissan dealers have been informed of the initiative and some dealers are even offering to replace cabin air filters for other branded vehicles while supplies last.

What may seem like a small gesture is saving customers hundreds of dollars in parts and labor that they would otherwise be forced to pay for as the heavy pollution from the wildfires undoubtedly ruined many cabin air filters or at the very least ate up much of the remaining life of these filters. Nissan consistently shows their commitment to the community with acts like these showing customers that the Nissan experience does not just end after your vehicle purchase.

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